Spiral Bracelet Making

Spiral Bracelet Making 700x400 - Spiral Bracelet Making
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Dear jewelry lovers, I will share with you today the jewelry model Spiral Bracelet Making. I hope you like the model.

The bracelet model, made of metal beads, is very stylish and convenient. Anyone who wants to make a bracelet can easily do it because it is very easy to make.

As with most jewelry models, this bracelet model is not only bracelets, but also necklace. What else you can do is up to you.

The technique of wristband is herringboned. Those who make a continuous jewelery are sure to have a very beautiful jewelery as well as herringbone technique. Once you learn the technique, you can design beautiful jewelry.

For more bracelet model, please visit our BRACELET VIDEOS pages.

Good luck jewelry lovers.

The construction video of the bracelet belongs to the gnc craft channel.


11/0 sand beads
Magnet closure
Jewelry rope
Bead Needle


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